• Server Destiny x10
  • Server Miracle x50
  • Server Extreme x100
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Extreme x100 - Top guilds

After completing events, such as Crywolf, Arca War and Castle Siege, guilds, whose players won, will be awarded with some of valour points. For killing Balgass - 100, for capturing one of Arca War towers - 100, for winning the Castle Siege - 100 and for participation without a victory 50. In addition, valour points can be credited manually by administration, after winning their organised events.

Valour points are divided into each member of the guild and are exchanged for W Coins on the first day of the month at 00:00 server time!

- Castle owners. They can upgrade castle and use Land of Trials benefits.

# Sign Name Guild Master Castle owner Valor Members Alliance
CONQUER Command - 0 3
Solution Illusion - 0 2
Admins Deryos 0 1