Destiny x10 server comes live on December 7! More information about server available here.


Season 13 Part 1-2

The work on Season 13 has came to an end and today we are ready to provide a full list of changes and novelties that the new season brings to our project. Changes have been affected almost all aspects of the game process, among them, original Webzen changes, as well as our own, custom changes. Since the new season just came out recently, some potential shortcomings can be still recognised in the near time. However due to our long-time experience, players can expect some undesirable effects to be resolved as soon as they are noticed.
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Miracle x50 launch day information

The launch day is just around the corner, at 18:00 server time, on March 29, 2018, the gates of Miracle shall be opened and our most advanced Season 13 server will be released for the general public. Over the past few months of development, we have poured our long term experience and passion into this project and we strongly believe you will enjoy what we have stored for you but the work does not stop there, since norebirth is working around the clock. With the launch day of our most ambitious non-reset server to date, we are kindhearted to please every single player with a one day beginner starting bonus. What it takes for you to become a true miracle of norebirth world? Information about the Miracle can be already found here.
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February promotions +Upcoming S13 P1-2

The key of the success, first of all, these are new players, who by their arrival brings a freshness into the already existing audience. If it happens, then our administration has fulfilled three things - advertising, which makes players generally aware of the project's existence, work on its internal component, thanks to which our project is brining an interest, and creating favourable conditions for our beginners. Norebirth administration is willing to show you that Asgard world isn't that closed and hostile. We are proud to announce that from now, all the newcomers will start the game with a special gift pack, demonstrating a truly unique non-reset MU Online world to everyone who has shown an interest.
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