Patch v1.12.02 +Maze of Dimensions

The particular patch, in addition to all other changes, presents to your attention a new event - Maze of Dimensions. It is sort of labyrinth, where players have to find the shortest path from the start to the finish, at the same time killing monsters and passing related quests. In total, there are seven stages, subsequently with each stage players will have to face with more complex paths. Since it can take quite a long time to complete these stages, on our server Maze of Dimensions is presented as an event for farming Ruud. All the details can be found in this guide. Furthermore, all the changelog is listed below.
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Halloween +Bonuses

Greetings, our dear players! The run-up to Halloween is in full swing, and therefore we would like to pay a special attention to this spooky celebration on our project. That doesn't mean that you will have to go to administration, asking for treats, as they will offer themselves. You just need to demonstrate a small portion of your initiative and a little bit of online in these days. And so, about everything in order.
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Successful start Asgard x10

We are very proud to announce that the first launch week of the Asgard x10 has been successfully carried out! As planned, main errors and bugs were fixed already on the beta, therefore we have succeed to launch already complete and functional version of Season 12. Every day, more than 1000 active players are on the server, which certainly pleases us. Advertising campaign continues to promote our server on all kind of various websites, possibly leading even to higher numbers. Special thanks to all players, who are participating in our game events, in our community and leaves a positive feedback, especially on third-party sources.
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