Destiny x10 server comes live on December 7! More information about server available here.


February promotions +Upcoming S13 P1-2

The key of the success, first of all, these are new players, who by their arrival brings a freshness into the already existing audience. If it happens, then our administration has fulfilled three things - advertising, which makes players generally aware of the project's existence, work on its internal component, thanks to which our project is brining an interest, and creating favourable conditions for our beginners. Norebirth administration is willing to show you that Asgard world isn't that closed and hostile. We are proud to announce that from now, all the newcomers will start the game with a special gift pack, demonstrating a truly unique non-reset MU Online world to everyone who has shown an interest.
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Speed server start January 12

New server, new opportunities - an opening, many have been waiting for, is coming very soon. Since our project isn't standing still and somehow we need to attract even more players, we are launching a new promotion - speed event server - server for beginners, server for those who haven't yet had time to start playing on our project for some reason, but still wants to see what norebirth is truly capable of. It will work on our full Season 12 Part 1-2 Emulator with unique settings and many features. We're starting a massive PR campaign in order to attract loads of new players.
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Happy Holidays

Warmest winter wishes from Norebirth Staff. May this holiday season sparkle and shine, may the holiday spirit be with you and your families. As tradition dictates, we would love to remind everyone that this is the time to show appreciation for your family and loved ones. No matter the weather, as some play with snowflakes, while others are bathing on the sun, this is a time for everyone to make a wish and hope for a better 2018. We take pride to cheer our players with specially prepared events, gifts, promotions and entertainment that are listed below.
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