Destiny x10 server comes live on December 7! More information about server available here.


Rampage x20 unique progressive server

Unique progressive server presented by Norebirth is on the way! We are pleased to announce the launch of the new server will take place on June 22 at 18:00 server time. We're ready to give you something special, something that you won't found among the endless grey mass of other MU Online servers. Rampage hasn't been left without innovations, in which we will release an old dream of each fan of this game. First of all, it's about... complete lack of donate items! Secondly, in order to keep players entertained and to experience longer progression, Rampage introduces you a new innovation - progressive content, meaning that each month a new content will be released. Only honest farm, fair PvP/PvM and complete satisfaction from the game process!
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Transfer from Asgard to Miracle

Hello Norebirthians! As you already know, the game on the current server Asgard x10 does not cause any interest anymore, since it has nearly died. Low online demotivates current users to continue the game, and especially demotivates newcomers to join the game. Asgard players must breathe a new life, accordingly, administration has made a decision to transfer Asgard players to the already existing Miracle x50 server, where players will be able to continue the game with their current Asgard characters.
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Permanent experience boost

The key of the success, these are new players, who by their arrival brings a freshness into the already existing audience. Accordingly, we are ready to make some changes towards experience rates, in order to attract more beginners and simplify gaming experience for our current players. Experience rates on the Miracle server have been changed, normal experience rates will remain - x50, master level rates for 3rd class have been doubled - x50, master level rates for 4th class have been increased by twenty times - x500. It's never too late to join us!
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