New Extreme x100 high rate server

Norebirth announces highest rate server to date! The launch day is just around the corner, on February 12, 2019, at 18:00 server time, the gates of the new Extreme server shall be opened. Extreme will work on Season 13 Part 2-2 emulator with off-like character settings and our custom features, designed specifically for non-reset lovers. Part 2-2 update of the Season 13 has been released relatively recently, not many servers support it, even though they do, they are not reliable. Less words, more action, check it out for yourself! Despite the high rates Extreme offers, we would like to please our players with a one day beginner starting bonus.
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Christmas and New Year celebrations

Warmest winter wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year from Norebirth Staff. May this holiday season sparkle and shine, may this holiday spirit be with you and your families. As tradition dictates, we would love to remind everyone that this is the time to show appreciation for your family and loved ones. As some play with snowflakes, some are bathing on the sun, this is time for everyone to make a wish and hope for the best 2019. We take pride in maintaining the tradition of celebrating this season holidays with specially prepared events, promotions and entertainment listed below.
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New Destiny x10 and Part 2-2 update

Norebirth isn't just launching the new Destiny server, it's launching the new hidden power that you will have to reveal! Are you ready to jump and reveal your destiny on December 7, 2018? Norebrith project is exclusively made for non-reset server fans only. We are ready to offer you the most functional and competitive Season 13 Part 2-2 build with off-like character settings and improved gameplay mechanics! It's worth mentioning as well that Destiny server is about complete lack of donate items that can leave a bad effect on the gameplay. In fact, after the Season 13 Part 2-2 release, we're planing to start working on Season 14, which will be updated on the Destiny server in the near 2019! Less words, more action - for the changelog press on the Read more button below.
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